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Christmas Opening Times 2020

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Coronavirus COVID-19

With this communication we would like to reassure you that Hopespare as a company will operate as normally as possible to ensure the continued supply to all our customers. Whilst the situation around Coronavirus keeps evolving, we are closely monitoring the official guidance published by the Government and Public Health England, putting the relevant precautions […]

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Hydraulic Hose Assembly Routing

The routing of the hose assembly and the environment in which the hose assembly operates directly influence the service life of the hose assembly. The following diagrams indicate the correct routing of hose assemblies that will maximise its service life and assure a safe working functionality. When hose installation is straight, it must be assured […]

Hydraulic History Lesson

Hydraulics is a topic in applied science and engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids. At a very basic level hydraulics is the liquid version of pneumatics. Fluid mechanics provides the theoretical foundation for hydraulics, which focuses on the engineering uses of fluid properties. In fluid power, hydraulics is used for the generation, control, […]

Dangers of Failed Hydraulic Hose

When not properly maintained, any hose used in a hydraulic system or connected to a pressure source is a potential danger. Hazards include:  • Fluid Injections – Fine streams of pressurized fluid escaping from a damaged hose can enter the body and cause tissue damage. Remember, hydraulic fluid is TOXIC!  • Whipping Hoses – Whip […]

Look After Your Hydraulic Equipment

Here are some common errors people make when looking after their hydraulic equipment; Error No. 1 – Changing the oil There are only two conditions that mandate a hydraulic oil change: degradation of the base oil or depletion of the additive package. Because there are so many variables that determine the rate at which oil […]

Pneumatic Alarm Clock

A school project? Here someone mounted a large pneumatic cylinder to the head of their bed and a valve controlled by a computer which was programmed to wake them up in the morning. Might be useful for any deep sleepers!

Hopespare Hydraulic and Pneumatic Blog – Hydraulic Injection Injury Video

Here is a look at the effects of a hydraulic fluid injection injury. Please be aware there are some disturbing images in this video

Hopespare Hydraulic and Pneumatic Blog – Hydraulic Injection Injury

A hydraulic fluid injection is perhaps the most dangerous injury that can result from a hydraulic hose failure. One reason is that it can appear benign at the beginning so it often gets dismissed as not urgent and medical care is postponed. Another reason is that injected hydraulic oils are highly toxic – so in […]

Hopespare Hydraulic and Pneumatic Blog – Hydraulic Image Gallery

Welcome to Hopespare’s Hydraulic image gallery. Here we post some of the funny images in the world of hydraulics to keep you amused. We keep updating them some and if you have any of your own then please contact us if you want them displayed. Enjoy……….