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Servo Hydraulic Testing System Maintenance

Regular maintenance of servo hydraulic testing systems is vital to ensure accurate test results, optimum performance, safety, and a long system life amongst other things;

• Extend the life of your system
• Avoid down time due to unnecessary system failures
• Minimize costs
• Improve equipment performance
• Achieve repeatable accurate test results
• Protect staff and the environment

Hopespare specialists have the tools, parts, and necessary training to implement required maintenance programs. The servo hydraulic Maintenance Program is designed to keep your system running reliably for many years. As a four-part program — preventive maintenance, laboratory
oil analysis, scheduled maintenance, and refurbishment as needed — it ensures many years of accurate, reliable, safe, and repeatable testing.

Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Service
Scheduled Preventive Maintenance (SPM) is vital to maintaining your testing system’s health and reliability. With regular SPM services, many system failures can be prevented, deadlines can be met, and lost productivity and repair costs can be avoided.

Hopespare has developed preventive maintenance procedures, delivered by our expert engineers, which help assure that your hydraulic testing system will continue to perform as expected year after year.

Hopespare servo hydraulic maintenance specialists follow comprehensive preventive maintenance procedures, including:

• Complete system inventories
• Check of safety circuits and indicators
• Visual inspection and evaluation of hydraulic hoses
• Check and adjust servo valve mechanical null
• Check accumulators
• Inspect for fluid leaks
• Verify hydraulic oil is at the correct temperature
• Instant on-site particle analysis of you hydraulic oil
• Draw of hydraulic oil test sample
• Follow-up review and consultation regarding hydraulic oil
test sample results (includes data trending from previous

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