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Coronavirus COVID-19

With this communication we would like to reassure you that Hopespare as a company will operate as normally as possible to ensure the continued supply to all our customers.

Whilst the situation around Coronavirus keeps evolving, we are closely monitoring the official guidance published by the Government and Public Health England, putting the relevant precautions in place to minimise the risk to staff and customers.

All our trade counters will continue to be open as normal; we have put measures in place and the staff will instruct you on what to do when you arrive.

Any delivery drivers making deliveries to the locations will be asked to leave the parcels outside and staff members will collect when they have left.

Mobile engineers are going to continue to operate as normal and have been instructed on the measures they are to take when dealing with customers.

The vast bulk of the product we purchase is manufactured in the UK or Europe. We have only one major supplier in Italy and we have already resourced that to a UK supplier. Obviously there may be components used by our suppliers that come from China but we are monitoring this closely.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact us through your usual channels and we will answer any question you have.