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540N Hydraulic Hose

Product: 540N – Medium pressure hose      
Construction: Core tube: polyamide.
Reinforcement: one braided layer of high tensile synthetic fibre.
Cover: polyurethane, black, pinpricked.
Recommended fluids:            
Operating temperature: From -40°C to +100°C.      
Burst pressure:            
Applicable specifications:            
Fitting series: 56          
Applications: Medium pressure service for use with petroleum or synthetic hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems, as well as for use with some chemical fluids. Also on agricultural machinery, robotics systems and for use with fire resistant fluids.
Advantages: High chemical resistance, very good abrasion resistance, low weight, universal for wide application range.
Benefits: Long lifetime in tough operating conditions, easy to handle, easy assembly in confined space.
Part number Hose Inside Diameter DN Hose Inside Diameter inch Hose Inside Diameter Size Hose Inside Diameter mm Outside Diameter mm Operating Pressure psi
540N-3 5 3/16 -03 4.8 10.7 3000
540N-4 6 1/4 -04 6.3 12.6 2750
540N-5 8 5/16 -05 7.9 14.6 2500
540N-6 10 3/8 -06 9.5 16.4 2250
540N-8 12 1/2 -08 12.7 20.1 2000