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1202LT Hydraulic Hose

Product: 1202LT – Low temperature hose      
Construction: Core tube: Polyester elastomer.
Reinforcement: one or two braided layers of high tensile synthetic fibre.
Cover: Special polyester, black, pinpricked.
Recommended fluids:            
Operating temperature: From -57°C to +100°C for petroleum, max. 57°C for synthetic hydraulic fluids and water-based hydraulic fluids.
Burst pressure:            
Applicable specifications:            
Fitting series: 56          
Applications: Medium pressure service for use with petroleum, synthetic or water based hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems. Ideal for use at low temperature, e.g. fork-lift trucks in refrigerated warehouses, earthmoving and agricultural machinery for cold climates.
Advantages: Constant operating pressure for all sizes.    
Benefits: Low temperature environments. One hose type for all sizes on a machine.
Part number Hose Inside Diameter DN Hose Inside Diameter inch Hose Inside Diameter Size Hose Inside Diameter mm Outside Diameter mm Operating Pressure psi
1202LT-3 5 3/16 -03 4.8 10.7 3000
1202LT-4 6 1/4 -04 6.4 12.6 3000
1202LT-5 8 5/16 -05 8.0 14.4 3000
1202LT-6 10 3/8 -06 10.0 16.4 3000