Nylon Tubing PA12 and PA10.12 Alternative in the UK

PA12 Nylon PA12 Nylon

The fatal explosion at Evonik's Marl cyclododecatriene (CDT) facility in Germany on 31 March and the consequent loss of polyamide 12 production, has led to a severe supply shortage.


Evonik is the world's largest PA12 supplier and the plant shutdown has taken out around 40% of the 100,000 tpa of global capacity. According to Evonik, the plant is not expected to reopen until the final quarter of the year. Many industry experts say that the Evonik explosion had led to a "severe" shortage of PA 12. These shortages have the potential to slow or even stop production lines in auto factories around the world.


Hopespare has worked hard to find a solution and keep your production line up and running. We are able to supply an equivalent, PA10.12 that conforms to the same ISO 7628 standard as PA12 at very competitive prices. We keep large stocks of varying sizes, coil lengths and colours ready for dispatch.


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