Hydraulic System Design, Installation and Maintenance

Hopespare operate in a wide variety of hydraulic system design, installation and servicing environments. This ranges from small test rigs up to working with leading mechanical testing facilities and cutting edge motorsport team research and development facilities.


Hopespare can offer you:

  • Fully integrated hydraulic system design and build.
  • Installation of the complete hydraulic system including, pipework, hoses, valves, power packs, coolers, accumulators, manifolds, filtration and particle counters.
  • Hydraulic ring main installation, expansion and optimisation
  • Flushing, testing and commissioning on new hydraulic systems.
  • Expansion of existing hydraulic systems.
  • A planned service maintenance schedule of hydraulic systems to reduce downtime.
  • Onsite oil contamination, analysis, filtration and flushing of existing hydraulic systems
  • Repairs to power packs, cylinders, coolers, pumps etc..
  • An inventory of your complete hydraulic system with recommended life spans of components.


Recent project with Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Ltd.

Hopespare were recently awarded the contract to install a hydraulic ring main complete with power packs at Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research, Ltd. The ring main will supply over 40 mechanical testing machines at ther new site in Banbury. Hopespare designed, installed and will run ongoing maintenance of the complete system. 


Below are some pictures showing the stages of the installation.


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