Hopespare Hydraulic and Pneumatic Blog - Dangers of Failed Hydraulic Hose

When not properly maintained, any hose used in a hydraulic system or connected to a pressure 

source is a potential danger.


Hazards include: 


• Fluid Injections - Fine streams of pressurized fluid escaping from a damaged hose can

enter the body and cause tissue damage. Remember, hydraulic fluid is TOXIC! 

• Whipping Hoses - Whip action of hose ends after hose separates can strike a person with

deadly force. 

• Fluid Burns - Fluid escaping from a damaged hose can burn skin even without igniting. 

• Fires and Explosions - Escaping fluid exposed to a source of ignition may burn or

explode. Guard hoses from exposure to ignition sources. 

• Electrical Shock - Hoses can contain conductive reinforcement material or conductive

fluid. Avoid routing near electrical equipment. 

• Mechanical failure - Machinery driven or supported by hydraulics can move

unexpectedly when a hose supplying that machine fails and results in loss of hydraulic




Make sure you inspect hoses regularly for:


• Exposed reinforcement wires 

• Leaks 

• Damaged or corroded fittings 

• Excessive dirt or grease build up 

• Missing guards, shields, and clamp